Dealing with Changes

Metoidioplasty 2009 Dr. Perovics Team

                       Why Metoidioplasty?

I definitely dint want to stay with the genitals I was born with.
I have a severe problem with stitches which I tried very hard to over come before my top surgery, since I had a double mastectomy; and there is progress but the problem is still there.
Having a stitched up penis was not something I could cope with; plus I am not sure that I would be satisfied with the sensation I would have with a phalloplasty.

I dint choose metoidioplasty because I was so thrilled with the outcome it provided; I chose it because if you rule out the genitals you are born with and phalloplasty, that’s what’s left! The other good thing about metoidioplasty is that it doesn't rule out phalloplasty. So if I decide in the future that I would prefer a phalloplasty I can always have one.

I am very happy that I have the same sexual sensation I had before the surgery and I am very happy that the “hole” is closed and that I have testicles.
The size is an issue of course, a big issue if I may say so my self!

                                          Why Dr. Perovic?

A couple of years ago the well known “Belgrade team” split up and now guys have to choose between Dr. Perovic and Dr. Miro. I always wanted to have my metoidioplasty with Dr. Perovic so the fact that they split up didn’t change my decision.
I thought that if I can go to the “teacher” why choose the “student” for my surgery.
I must also say that I had looked at photos, from Dr. Miros surgeries, and I didn’t like the outcome.


                             Scheduling The Surgery

In order to book a surgery with Dr. Perovic you must come in contact with Richard his personal assistant.
Some guys have complained about the communication they had with him.
I had my top surgery with Dr. Brownstein, where the communication was more than excellent, so the bar was set very high!

Any questions you want to ask Dr. Perovic goes through Richard, who forwards them to the doctor; but it only took a few days to receive an answer to my email.

Dr. Perovic goes strictly by the book, meaning you must have two papers from two different psychiatrists in order to be approved for the surgery.
 You also have to have HIV and hepatitis tests done before the surgery; other than that I didn’t have to do any other tests.

As I was communicating with Richard about the surgery, at some point he mixed me up with another patient; not a big deal, that was cleared up immediately since he started asking me for things I had already sent him!

The other thing that went “wrong” with my communication with Richard was that a couple of weeks before my surgery, I was in contact with him again about the money and he suddenly tells me that, although I have sent him all the necessary documents and although Dr. Perovic has approved my surgery, he cannot find anywhere in my file what kind of surgery I wanted done!!!
Not something I wanted to hear 2 weeks before my surgery!!

The cost of the surgery was 12.000 euro and I had a vaginectomy, hysterectomy, oophorectomy, metoidioplasty, new urethra and testicle implants.
Plus that covered some days in the clinic, 3-5, depending on how many I needed to stay there.
Richard had told me that I would have to stay at the clinic 3-5 days and altogether in Belgrade 10 days.

I dint want to carry with me so much money, so I was able to wire the 8.000 euros to a bank account of Dr. Perovic in Germany and bring the other 4.000 euros with me.

                                         The Doctors Team

Working with Dr. Perovic are Dr. Rados Djinovic,Dr. Markos and Dr. Nikola,all of them very young under the age of 40. I am mentioning this because I read a post of a guy commenting about Dr. Perovics age and that to whom would he go to if he had some complications a year after his surgery and Dr. Perovic had in the meanwhile retired. 
Photo No 1 : This photo is pre-hormones.

Photo No 2 : These two are with 2.5 years of hormones.The penis mostly became fatter.

Photo No 3 :


                                               Day of Arrival

Dr. Perovics driver picked me up from the airport; a very sympathetic man, who gave me a quick tour of Belgrade while driving to the clinic.
At the clinic I was greeted by very sympathetic staff; gave them my blood results (HIV – hepatitis) and then a nurse took some blood, to run some test and also check my blood type since I dint know it!

If you have any document stating your blood type bring it with you.

The nurse asked me where I was from, because they were expecting a guy from Poland!!!!
A lot of mix ups..... no comment!!

In the clinic you are filed with the name that is written on your passport. So if you haven’t legally changed your name, like I hadn’t, they will write you down with the old name, but all the staff uses your chosen name.

I was told that the clinic was full and that there was no empty bed, and that I would sleep the first night in the doctors office.

I must admit that I was surprised that they didn’t say “well, we are sorry, but there is no available bed and......”
But from the looks of the bed in the doctor’s office, I had the feeling that this happens all the time.

  I must say that I dint have a problem with the office/room. Yes, there were doctors and nurses coming in all the time, but I had traveled to Belgrade alone, so I had a lot of hours to “kill”, so it was quite nice to have things going on in the room!
I arrived at the clinic around 10.00-10.30 in the morning and they told me that I cannot eat anything else for the rest of day and they gave me my first 1 liter bottle, of what I can only describe as water with soap!
It helps emptying the bowel and you have only one hour to drink it!!

They performed a cardiogram, took my blood pressure, and listened to my heart and lungs with a stethoscope. Everything was just fine!

Around 16.00 o` clock the second bottle of “soapy water” was brought to me!!
Again 1 litter, again in 1 hour!
With the second bottle I thought I would bring up!
It was so awful I dint think I could make it!
They had told me that I would have an enema around

22.00 o clock, and although I hadn’t ever had an enema before, I was sure I would prefer it from this “drink”!!!

The only bad thing about this office/room was that there was no toilet in it, and that I had to use the toilet in the hall.
Not only everybody would know when I had to go to the toilet, it was also used by others of course!
This not only makes you question how clean it is, but there is also a big chance that someone else will be on it the minute you urgently need to use it!!
Thankfully this didn’t happen to me!!

Around 18.00 o clock and after being very happy I had managed to finish my second soapy-water a nurse came in to inform me that I will be drinking one more bottle of that!!!  I thought she was joking!!!

I realized that she wasn’t when she came in with the third bottle!!! The only good thing was that I had till midnight to drink it, and not an hour!!

In the meanwhile Dr. Rados had come and examined me. He told me that my penis is small, which of course I knew, and I would probably have a 3 cm dick after the surgery.
The anesthesiologist came also to visit me and to explain the procedure of the surgery. I would be given a “double anesthesia”. First with a needle in the waist which would “paralyze” me from the waist and down and then general anesthesia.
I was told that Dr. Perovic would come also but he was in surgery at the moment.

I had decided to drink my third bottle until 20.00-20.30 and not drink it slowly until midnight, so that after the enema I would be over with this whole procedure.
The third bottle went quite quickly; I had the filling that it had more water in it, so the “soap” was not so intense!!
They had also given me apple juice so that helped to get rid of the awful flavor!!!

At this point I must say that all the nurses I met during my stay were more than excellent!! Very very sympathetic with a very good sense of humor!!
I couldn’t ask for a better group of people!!

Around 22.00 o` clock the nurse came for the enema and told me to walk for 10 minutes before going to the toilet.
 As I was walking up and down in the room, Dr. Perovic came in!!

Hopefully nothing unpleasant would happen while he would examine me!!!!!

He came in very cheerfully, with a big smile and seaming very sympathetic.
I had some questions to ask him, but he gave me the impression that he was tired and dint want to bother with that!
It was 22.35 and he had surgery till then, so I asked him if he preferred to talk in the morning before the surgery. I had the feeling that he dint want that either. He was constantly saying that I am in good hands and that I have nothing to worry about.
I asked him if he wanted to examine me, he couldn’t decide on that either!!
Finally Dr. Rados came in so they examined me together and I had the chance to ask some questions. Dr. Rados was more willing to answer them, having always the feeling that Dr. Perovic was already with one foot out of the door!!!

I personally don’t like doctors who don’t give you the time to ask questions, but unfortunately most doctors have this attitude!!
I know that for Dr. Perovic this surgery is probably a piece of cake, but you must pay    more attention to the needs of the patient!

                                            Day of the surgery

After a not so good night of sleep I woke up at 08.00 am.
I was told that the surgery would be around 11.00.
I asked the nurse about the room, since I had to shower and shave before the surgery.
She told me that I probably would not have my own room before the surgery and that I would shower somewhere else!

The operating room had two entries, and in front of one of them was a shower-toilet, so I went there.
The nurse had informed me that she would have to check me after I was done with the shaving! How nice!!

15-20 minutes before they took me in for surgery I got my own room.
I didn’t have much time, but I managed to place some stuff beside the bed so I can have them after the surgery.

A surgical nurse and the anesthesiologist came and I was brought to the surgical room.
The anesthesiologist talked me through the whole procedure
(by the way he is a very sympathetic man).
I lay on the surgical bed, on my side and after local anesthesia he started to push a needle in my waist. This hurts!!!

The catheter was put in afterwards, which was not painful since it went through the needle. I asked him and he told me that the needle was 10-12 cm long!!!!!

  I was in the operating room at 11.15 and around 11.45 they started to lift my legs up to get ready for surgery. I felt my legs a little numb. I must have went to sleep around 12.00 and the next thing I remember is waking up in the operating room just after surgery as they were getting ready to lift me from the operating table.
I looked at the clock on the wall and it was 19.15.

 I was feeling cold so the nurse brought me another blanket. My hands felt especially cold and she explained to me that the stuff they put through the IV are cold.
I also felt some pain so she gave me painkillers through the waist catheter.

She told me that I had lost a lot of blood during the surgery and that I had to have a blood transfusion. But I had fever so she had to wait until my fever was down in order to start the transfusion.

Altogether she gave me 3 bags of blood, which is approximately 1 litter.


                                       Beoklinika-My Room

This room is right out of the operating room. Again, I have read about other guys “complaining” about this room. Every doctor, every nurse, every patient, goes through my room in order to go into the operating room.
Being alone there the whole time, and having so many hours to “kill”, I found it very nice that people were coming and going.  Everybody was very friendly so I am very glad I got that room!!!

The initial plan was to stay at the clinic 3-5 days depending on what the doctors told me, and then a friend of mine would come and he would help me out at a hotel for the rest of my stay.
Unfortunately my friend couldn’t come, so I asked at the clinic if I could stay the whole time there. Thankfully they had the space, so I could.

I would like to point out that Beoklinika is a very clean clinic; a cleaning woman comes twice a day to clean your room.
And since another guy, years ago, had mentioned that he could smell smoke in the clinic, let me just say that smoking is no longer aloud in the clinic. The staff or patients have to go out of the building in order to smoke.


                                        1st Day after surgery                       
 The first day after the surgery I was only aloud to drink water and juice. I wasn’t hungry so I had no problems with that. Nurses were in and out of the room all day checking on me. Antibiotics and different liquids were coming and going all the time.
They also checked my blood pressure, which was low, and my temperature, I had a little fever.

I started having “gas” which was not very pleasant, but I was told that it was very good!

Coming out of the surgery I had a small tube coming out of the penis, an abdominal catheter, one drain little under my left testicle and the penis was wrapped up.
And of course the waist catheter which was left in for the painkillers.

I felt some intense pain in the morning and some in the afternoon; after the afternoons painkiller I dint take any more.
There was of course pain from the testicles, none at the penis, and the drain was not so pleasant; I mostly felt pain when I moving.


                                       2nd Day after surgery

I had to get out of bed today and make 2 steps!
 It is a good thing that 2 steps were enough!
The beds are very high, my legs are very week, and I have pain every time I move; I got dizzy while standing, but it is very important to move.

I wasn't hungry but I decided that food would help me with my recovery so I had some soup in the afternoon, which was actually nice!
I felt quite tired the whole day, but dint sleep much.
The nurses were all day in and out of the room checking on me and giving me antibiotics and different IV.

                                     3rd  Day after surgery

I must mention that I am drinking a lot every day, definitely 3 litters, water and juices.
The menu today had soup with smash potato.
I got up and walked twice today, in the room, always with the help of the nurse. I still get dizzy when standing.
I am amazed by how week my legs feel, and it is still painful when I move in bed, or when I try to get down of the bed, but not while walking.

Dr. Rados came today and took all the gauzes away. It is very good for the area to breathe freely and not be wrapped up, so I am happy that the doctors here have the same philosophy.

                                      4th Day after surgery 

Dr. Markos came today to take out the drain which wasn’t at all painful.
In the afternoon I had the first desire to go to the toilet.
I had diarrhea which is good for this kind of surgery, you don’t feel any pain anywhere, or at least I dint. The only thing is that it is very messy, which is very dangerous especially since the hole of the drain is so close.
I wiped the area with baby wipes, just to be on the safe side!

I did a lot of walking in the clinic today and for the first time I dint feel dizzy.
I also had my first “normal” meal.
The thing is that the clinic doesn’t have a cook. They buy the breakfast and order out lunch and dinner.
For lunch the choices were: pizza, 2 different pasta or chicken with French fries.
For dinner the choices were:
Cheese-ham pancake, sweat pancake, sandwich or yogurt. Of course the first days you get only yogurt.
In the morning I would eat either bread or croissant with jam; they have the best croissant I have ever tasted!!

By the way, I must say that I am
not enjoying the stitches in the mouth. I hate stitches in general, let alone there!
The side were the stitches are, is swollen and it hurts if I touch it.


Let me also mention that I was naked the whole time. This wasn’t something I enjoyed, but I tried not to think about it.
Despite the fact that it is very good for the area not to be covered up, every now and then someone comes in and takes a look at the genitals, so it is impossible to get dressed and undressed 20 time a day!!

                                      5th Day after surgery

Dr. Rados came at some point to check on me and to remove the gauze that was on the penis. Wow!! Did this hurt like hell!!
I dint expect that!!
And suddenly, although till now the penis seamed ok in size, the minute the gauze came of, it shrank!
It is like when a fat person wears a corset and
seams thinner and taller, and the minute they take the corset off everything drops down, and they look shorter and fatter!
Dr. Rados told me that I could have a liposuction at the pubic area, for the penis to seam bigger.
Liposuction could not be performed the same time with this surgery, because it would be to “rough” for such a “heavy” surgery. I would have to wait at least 4 months and the cost is 1000 euro.
After removing the gauze, Dr.Rados started squeezing and pushing on the penis and between the balls.
Ok, that is painful!!!!!

  The reason he does this is to check on the new urethra. He then takes a syringe, I am 99% sure that he puts it between the penis and the tube that comes out of the penis and squirts a liquid in it. The reason I write 99% is because these things make me nauseous so I never look. The needle, which is plastic, pinches a little depending on how gentle he does it.
The liquid that goes in is ok; the thing is that when it is in he starts pushing on the penis and the balls for it to come out again. This is unbearably painful and especially when Dr. Rados does it.
Of course it is for a good cause; it is to see that no blood is drying up in there and that the new urethra is fine!

                                      6th Day after surgery

Dr. Nikola came in today to check on me. He is the youngest of them all and a very fun guy!
He started again the same procedure Dr Rados did yesterday, with the needle and the pushing. He didn’t push soooo hard so it was less painful!

While walking these days, the balls felt very uncomfortable, as if they were in the way!!
I asked Dr. Nikola if they are swollen, or if they will change place eventually. He was surprised to hear that they were between my legs, explaining to me that they tried their best so that that would not happen. He also told me that they were not swollen, that was their size and that they wouldn’t change position.
I also asked him when I could shower again and he told me that I could have, since yesterday.
It was very nice to have my first shower!

 In the afternoon the whole team was at the clinic for another surgery, so they all came to my room. Dr. Perovic gave me a big smile, but said nothing!
Dr. Rados started again the procedure with the syringe, the squirting, the pushing and the pain!!!
The whole time they were examining me they were speaking Serbian between them, which I dint think was very polite, if I may say so my self!!!
Dr. Nikola must have mentioned that I said something about the balls being between the legs, because at some point Dr. Rados told me to stand up and have a look.
At the end Dr. Rados told me that I should only loose some weight and that then I would be fine. He also joked about, if I would loose the weight I would be just like Brad Pit, and that he also has a small penis, and that he had come to them and that they had operated on him also!!hahahaha I love that they have a nice sense of humor!!!!

I was lying in bed waiting for the pain, from all the pushing, to calm down so I could get up and walk a little, when Dr. Rados came in again, and started the procedure one more time!!!!
I tried to convince my self that it was for a good cause, but the pain didn’t help!!

Two hours later, around 20.30, I heard the wheels of the trolley the nurse brings in every time they examine me, the door opened and in came Dr. Nikola!!
Have mercy on the pure operated trans guy, for heavens sake!!!
We laughed about how “nice” this day has been for me and I got one more round of syringe, pushing and pain!

                                       7th Day after surgery

Dr. Nikola came around 10.00 o` clock to perform the same “ritual”.

I stopped all IVs today and I continued the antibiotics with a pill; the cost of the package was 1.608,40 dinars (17 euro)

A couple of days now, when I walk, I noticed that I loose few drops of blood through the penis; I was told that it is normal.

Around 21.30 Dr. Rados came to examine me.
All the doctors are satisfied with how my urethra “looks”.

                                       8th Day after surgery

The heart doctor paid me a visit today; he noticed that I had a lot of urine so he wanted to run some blood tests.
I must say that I was very happy about the care the clinic provided!
Dr. Rados came at 19.00 to examine me.

The fee I had paid for the surgery, covered 3-5 days in the clinic. After that you are supposed to stay at a hotel. Since I traveled alone I asked them to stay the whole time at the clinic. Dr. Perovics site wrote that one has this option and that the extra cost would be 50 euro a night.
So I asked Dr. Rados about the extra charge and he told me that he dint want any extra money for the stay!!!!!


                                      9th  Day after surgery

The blood test came back just fine; the doctor told me that he was afraid that I had diabetes which causes a lot of urine.

Dr. Rados came one more time to check on the urethra.
He was skeptical at first and then told me that he wanted to take out the tube I had in the penis and put in a thinner one!?!?!?!?!?!
I had only one question for him:
“Will I survive the pain?!?!”
He laughed and told me that I would.

He cut the stitches of the tube and started the procedure of removing the tube. This took for ever, I don’t know if the tube was so long or if he had to pull it out so slowly, since I wasn’t looking.
He then took a long thin medical instrument, put a little cream on it, and he told me that he would put it in my penis to check the urethra!!!
Amazingly it dint hurt or feel funny, and when he pulled it out he told me that the urethra was very good!!
More amazingly he decided not to put in a new tube and told me to block the catheter two times a day and pee through the penis, and to apply an antiseptic after peeing.
He also told me to take another package of antibiotics, that would mean another 5 pills, so that would mean another 1608.40 dinars  (17 euro)

Although the penis had a rough day, I decided to try to
pee from it today for the first time, while I am still in Belgrade. I was afraid for pain during the procedure, but thankfully everything went well. No pain at all; everything looked just fine!!!

  I had to stop my testosterone injections 2 weeks before the surgery. I was aloud to have my first injection after the surgery today. Dr. Rados wanted me to wait till now to avoid any kind of thrombosis.                  

                   10th Day after surgery -Departure Day

Dr. Perovics driver was supposed to drive me to the airport this morning; Dr.Rados had informed the driver but he forgot it!!!!

The Head Nurse was coming to work with her husband and he then drove me to the airport.

I managed to drop-kick the suitcase at the check in desk, trying desperately not to lift it.

Since I was coming from a European country my flight wasn’t long. I blocked the catheter so I dint have to carry the urine bag with me. I made sure I dint wear a belt and I emptied all my pockets so I dint have any coins\keys in them so nothing would “click” when passing through the control. I dint want to give them a reason to hand search me, and realize that I had a catheter on me.  

I had no pain/problem sitting in the airplane.


                                    11th Day after surgery

Photo No 4 : The penis is very swollen.

Photo No 5 : Due to the position of the testicles, and the extra weight, when the legs are together they get squeezed a lot!

Photo No 6 :


                                  14th Day after surgery

I have still some drops of blood coming out of the penis.

I realized that while showering, when I let hot water on the testicles they enjoy it very very much!

Since I am back I go for a walk every evening, for about an hour. The only thing that “bothers” me is the testicles since they are sore. I do walk a little funny, like I am limping.
The testicles are annoying between the legs and everything rubs when walking so it is not very comfortable.

                                          19th Day after surgery

The hole from the drain is very close to the left testicle and those two rub together. The worse thing it that the hole has a stitch on it, which is very hard like wire.
It is very uncomfortable when walking so I decided to put cream on the area so the testicle can slide on the stitch. I use calendula cream, which is natural and will also help with the healing of the hole.
For better healing of the whole area I use ones a day vitamin E.

I block the catheter ones in the morning and ones before going to bed, in order to pee through the penis. Everything is working very well; I even had a very good flow from day one.

The only thing is that the flow of the urine doesn’t face down to the toilet, it goes very high up and parallel to the floor, so I cannot stand to pee yet.
The other thing is that the penis is very small and the last urine drops on the testicles.

Each time after the procedure I take a shower and then I put an antiseptic on the genitals.

                                   21th Day after surgery 

I started sleeping on my side, putting a pillow between my legs; although it doesn’t work every time I try it, it helps my back to relax a little.

My walking gets better, and that’s good.
As I was returning home from my walk today, I felt some intense pain on my right side, near the hip bone, but it only lasted a few minutes.

                                     22th Day after surgery

The blood drops from the penis stopped today and I am very happy about that.
I hope that means that the urethra is healing well and that maybe I can have the catheter removed.

My left testicle seems to be loosing “air”;
it is not much but I can feel a difference when touching both testicles.

                               26th Day after surgery

Since the 21st day of the surgery when I felt that pain on my right side, I still get it.
At first I thought maybe it had to do with the sudden change of the weather, since a lot of injuries get influenced by cold weather.
Then I was worried that maybe walking for an hour a day is to much so early after the surgery. So the past two days I dint walk, but I still had pain.

Not wanting to guess what was causing the pain I decided to call Dr. Rados today.
He told me that the pain was probably caused from the catheter. He then asked me about the flow of the urine, if it’s good.
And since the flow was good he told me that I could remove the catheter today.
I mentioned to him the problem I have with my left testicle and he told me to send him photos.
I asked him if walking an hour a day is too much, but he said it wasn’t.

I was able to make an appointment with Dr. B., an urologist Dr. Perovic collaborates with when doing surgeries in my country.

Dr. B. removed the catheter today and it wasn’t painful at all; I just had a strange feeling while the tube was pulled out.
He prescribed a spray so the hole will heal faster.
He also suggested an ultrasound in order to see if the bladder empties properly after urinating.
He examined the left testicle, saying that the difference is not big and not worth worrying about.

He saw that the “wire” stitch of the drain was rubbing with the testicle and he said that maybe that had poked a hole in the implant!!!!
Since the catheter was out the pain on my right side became more intense.
The night was awful; every single movement I made I had pain.

                                     27th Day after surgery

Since I still had the pain I was glad I would see the doctor again to ask more questions.
ultrasound had to be done after urinating to see if the bladder empties completely. He told me that it was empty so everything was functioning just fine.
I told him that the pain became worse; he explained to me that the pain is probably because I now, after so long, use my bladder properly again.
Since yesterday my intestine is functioning better also, getting rid of the diarrhea finally!
So that also could be causing some pain.
In conclusion he told me that so closed to the surgery any kind of pain is natural.
I should be worried if I had pain in a month from now; he suggested an ultrasound if I did.
The other thing I mentioned to him was that I had
I continued to drink a lot of water and when I felt I had to go to the toilet there was no way I couldn’t hold it.
He told me that that was natural and that at this point it is not good to hold it, and that I would have to wait until the “line” of the catheter is all healed up, which will probably take 2 weeks.
The penis is still swollen and if I move it on one side or the other the skin underneath is whiter than the rest of the penis. Skin gets that color when it doesn’t breathe correctly; so Dr. B. suggested that I wash that part with hot water and chamomile.


                                    1 Month after surgery

The pain on the right side has become less and that’s good; I feel it when I try to sit down or stand up and while I pee.
Unfortunately the left testicle continues to lose; it is like a balloon which looses air.
Looking at it you can see a difference but you mostly realize it when you touch both of them.

Photo No 7 :

Photo No 8 :




                             1 Month and 6 Days after surgery

The stitches of the mouth have fallen!!
The testicles are still a little “annoying” while walking.

Although Dr. Rados told me that it wasn’t necessary, I did a
urine examinations today and no infection was found. The reason this examination is not so necessary is because most people who have a catheter for so long have some kind of infection, so it wouldn't have been something to worry about.


Photo No 9 :

Photo No 10 :

                             1 Month and 10 Days after surgery

Till now I had no sexual sensation-desire and that is good since the whole area there is healing.
Last night I saw a sexual dream and woke up very “in the mood”.
After thinking all day about the dream I decided to masturbate for the first time.
I was afraid of any internal pain, but I dint have any!!
The whole area is sore so I did it very very gently.
The orgasm was very super, but it didn’t have anything to do with the surgery. It was so fantastic because I hadn’t done it for such I long time.
Other than that the orgasm is not different; I always only had sexual sensation through the penis so nothing has changed.

                              1 Month and 15 Days after surgery

I walk completely normal at this point.
The labia have stretched and now the implants are more comfortable and they can move without any pain.
The right testicle, the good one, has been push forward; it is probably because the left one is becoming smaller.

The stitches around and on the penis and testicles have become like threads for quite a time now and they start to fall.
Unfortunately the stitch at the hole of the drain hasn’t softened at all, neither has the stitch on the base of the left testicle.
Those two stitches are between the legs and maybe they don’t “breathe” enough in order to dissolve!


                        1 Month and 25 Days after surgery

 The incontinence is finally over!

Although I don’t have any more pain on the right side I decided to have an
abdominal ultrasound, just to be sure that everything internally looks fine; which thankfully it did!!

The mouth is doing much better; when I yawn I feel it still a little tight, but the spot has stretched almost like it was before the surgery.


 Photo No 11:

 Photo No 12 :








Photo No 13 : The sight of the genital when my legs are together is totally disappointing for me!



                          2 Months and 8 Days after surgery

I have still two stitches that haven’t fallen so I had them checked today by a doctor, to rule out any infection.
The one stitch is on the hole of the drain and the other one is on the base of the left testicle.
He told me that if they don’t become softer and fall in the next weeks I have to have them removed.

                         3 Months and 15 Days after surgery

I went to see a surgeon today to remove the 2 stitches. He could remove the one on the hole of the drain but not the other one. The other one was covered, by now, with skin, something that happens very often, and would need anesthesia to remove it since he would have to cut the skin.

I told him that I would have my next surgery hopefully in October and he told me that I could wait till then to remove it, so I don’t undergo anesthesia twice.

His theory about the left testicle, which looses in size, was that maybe while stitching up the skin the needle made a hole in the implant!!


  Photo No 14: The left testicle is still loosing in size. It is more obvious when touching it but one can also see the difference in the photo.



                                    Peeing and Packing

I dint pack or use a peeing device before the surgery. I dint want to worry about the packer, forgetting to wear it or dropping it somewhere. Nor did I want to bother with a peeing device and always have to find a way to clean it with out other seeing it.
I was waiting for the time I would have the surgery and solve these two problems ones and for all.

Unfortunately I was wrong!

There is NO bulk in my pants. That probably has to do with the position of my balls. I have seen pictures of other guys where the balls are not between the legs, they are higher up so they give bulk in the pants.
My only concerns are while swimming and at the gym where one stretches a lot.
But I am not willing to spend the rest of my life packing.
I don’t care if other people think I have a small dick; the thing is that at the moment it seams as if I have NO dick!!

I CANNOT pee standing up. Well I can, but it makes a mess, and the reason is that my dick is so small.
At first I thought that only at the end, when the flow of the urine is weak, it makes a mess. But then I realized that even when the flow is strong there is also some urine dropping down on the testicles and then on the pants.
If I sit to pee and have my legs closed then I pee all over the legs.
If I have the legs open the pee goes over the rim of the toilet, and I am peeing on the floor!!

At the moment I either sit with the legs open and put a plastic plate in front of the penis so the urine hits on that and falls then in the toilet or I stand to pee and I use a 20 ml syringe which I have cut the end of it, and I pee through that.
Unfortunately, because the opening is so big the urine squirts funny; so that doesn’t always work either!


 Photo No 15 :


 Every time I pee, at the end, I must push the penis up and down so the last urine comes out from the urethra. If I don’t do that it would come out, eventually, in my pants.

Photo No 16 : I could also never pee straight ahead; the flow would always go towards the right side. The doctors told me that probably one side in the urethra was still swollen.



                                              The Doctors Team

The fact that my dick is small and that I cannot urine properly or have a bulk in my pants has nothing to do with the surgeon I chose for my surgery.
The outcome of the surgery depends on the size of the dick you have and your anatomy.

My personal opinion about Dr. Perovic is that he is a workaholic; very passionate about his job and that surgery is his life.
The fact that he changes/improves his techniques shows me a surgeon who thinks about his patients.
I must confess though that I found it very strange that he always greeted me with a big smile but never asked me how I was doing.

Dr. Rados is Dr. Perovic right hand.
He,Dr. Markos and Dr. Nikola are very sympathetic and have a very good sense of humor.
The post care is mostly been done from Dr. Rados; he comes and goes quite fast because he is so busy. I was there for may days so I got all my question answered but I would have preferred he dint seem in a hurry every time he came in.

For those who are wondering, the doctors speak good English so you wouldn’t have problems with communication.

The young nurses also speak English and the older ones are very willing to try to understand what you need or to explain to you what they need from you.

                                  What Revision I want done

Dr. Perovic used to rap the side skin of the penis, around the penis. This technique changed and therefore I have extra skin around the penis which makes it look even smaller.
That is the revision I would want done, plus a liposuction at the pubic area which will also make the penis look bigger.
And of course I will replace the left implant.


Photo No 17 :


Photo No 18 :






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